Here’s a man that advanced the game world in so many ways with two well known franchises Mario and Zelda. He’s the reason for all the home consoles we have today.

Here’s a video for those that didn’t know


Now this looks great! Looper featuring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis

A  mindblowing scifi hit man action flick coming your way on 9/28 Here’s the trailer. 

New Sylvester Stallone movie that’s not the Expendables, trailer inside

This looks interesting, but not enough to spend my money on it. None the less it’s Sylvester Stallone!

Loved this bit of dialogue: “You can’t just kill a guy like that!” *Cue Sylvester Stallone voice* “I just did” 

It’s about a mysterious man who grants wishes to any request given to him, but it comes for a price. Here’s a trailer.

Let’s hope that this is better than origins. Given the director, James Mangold, there isn’t much hope.

One of my favorite movies, Kick Ass will return with a sequel in spring next year.Image


Here’s a link

Convert or Die, More than a thousand theaters must to convert to digital!

We are now watching the extinction of another format.